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Well Designed and Durable

Our team of experienced carpenters and craftsmen rigorously check every stage of the production process from sourcing sustainable materials, forming the products to delivery. This is where our confidence in our trade comes from.

Sash Windows

Developed in England approximately 300 years ago. They are a common feature in traditional buildings found in Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian houses and flats. A sash is made of two movable panels or sashes which move up or down vertically.

Today there are two types of sash mechanisms either cord and weight or spring loaded. Both systems enable the sashes to move up or down without too much effort required.

Casement Windows

Simply put, these windows are attached to a frame by hinges. There are many styles of casement windows and are fitted today to traditional and modern buildings.

Customers have the option of selecting single, double or triple glazing and can choose from a very large colour selection. Simple to install and clean, casement windows are a common feature in most buildings.

Bifold Doors

Still very much a popular choice in the UK. These doors can make any property look elegant and stylish. Typically, these doors are wide to maximise opening space.

They are perfect for garden openings and definitely create a sense of the outside meeting the inside. They allow a lot of light into the property and certainly leave an impression. Perfect in the summer when entertaining or to create a sense of space.

French Doors

These are found either internally or used as external doors. Normally these are double doors with glass fitted along the entire height.

There are traditional and modern designs of this type of door both of which look great. Georgian or modern in style, these doors always give an air of elegance and practicality no matter what the property type.

Sliding Doors

We have seen a huge resurgence in the popularity of the sliding door over the past few years. A standard feature in any 80’s modern home, the sliding door is definitely back!

With today’s super thin aluminium frames, sliding doors are super stylish and let in a lot of light into any property. If you have a large enough opening, these door will look great.

Front Doors

Security and durability spring to mind with front doors. They also need to keep the elements out and keep warmth in.

The locks that go into them are key to security performance. In terms of style, there are many materials and looks to choose from. All materials must ensure durability as well as energy efficiency.


Step 1

After the free survey is carried out by one of our professionals, the measurements and required specification is compiled into an order form. All details of each window is listed here and a clear breakdown of price is highlighted.

Survey carried out

Window specification established

Clear cost breakdown

Terms and conditions explained and provided

Step 2

Providing the client is happy with the order form a date of delivery and installation (if required) is arranged that suits the client. A 50% deposit is required to start production and reserve the installation

Date arranged

Deposit paid by bank transfer

Production starts

Step 3

Your windows arrive on the arranged date and installation begins. You pay the remaining balance. At the end of the job you are presented with an insurance backed guarantee and certificate as well as FENSA certification.


Balance paid

Certificates issued