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Sash windows

Beautiful in design and well built


Sash windows throughout the UK are used in many different types of buildings. From Victorian to Edwardian and the new builds of today, one can find sash windows in all of them. Sash windows are made of 2 sashes that move up and down vertically. Old sash windows were prone to warping and didn’t keep drafts out very well. New technology in building and wood treatment mean that the old issues needn’t be a problem today. Our sash windows are durable and have an energy efficiency of 1.0, that’s warmer than our competitors.

Who is this
product for

People that want to replace their old rotten sash windows or customers that want to fit sash windows to their period properties that originally had them many years ago.

Sash windows do not need to be expensive. With new production methods and different types of durable, sustainable wood, sash windows are more cost effective than many people think. 

Thanks to modern technology in weather seals and paint, these windows look as they should and also keep warmth indoors. There is a large choice in paint finish, colours and different styles and finishes in ironmongery to choose from.


There are multiple benefits to choosing our sash windows that will provide longevity and a great design

High Quality Glazing

Single, Double and Triple glazing options makes our windows super energy efficient ensuring you stay warm on cold winter days

Traditional or Modern

Design is central to making sure they match your type of property


We only use the best materials and modern production methods so that your windows last as long as possible.

Product Documents

Our windows come in hard or softwood; with either a weight and pulley system or spring loaded mechanism. Please click on the relevant link:

Popular Questions

How much will it cost?

Call us to arrange a no obligation free survey. We provide you with a detailed price. If you’re happy, you initially pay a 50% deposit. Price is specific wto what you require and what works in your building subject to style and conservation area rules.

How long will it take?

Production takes 6 to 8 weeks. Installation then follows. We mutually arrange the installation date. We make sure your home is protected as much as possible during the works. A full clean up is done at the end.

Do your windows come with a guarantee?

Yes. They do. Either 5 or 10 years depending on the type of windows.