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Sliding doors

The Sliding Door is back


Over the past few years, the sliding door that was so popular in the 80’s has made a strong come back. The reason is two-fold: Tastes in style change and modern technology has enabled many improvements. Sliding door frames can be very thin nowadays made of strong insulating aluminium that is very energy efficient.

Who is this product for

As with bifold doors, this door is great for opening up your living space and giving you a sense of connectivity to your garden.

One of the panes is fixed, so the best effect is achieved if the opening is wider than standard. With thin aluminum frames hidden in the walls and thin frames on the leaves, these doors really  maximise on total glass area thereby allowing in the maximum amount of light

A great addition to any open plan space, these doors look great and provide the insulation you would expect from a modern door.

Sliding Door Features

With thin aluminium frames, these doors look amazing.

Choice of Colours

You can select from the RAL colour pallet. We powder coat the aluminium for durability and the right look.

Lots of sunlight

Thinner leaf frames mean that the glass area is maximised. This allows more sunlight to enter your home.

Esthetic Appeal

These doors are very much back in vogue. They look very stylish and are practical at the same time.

Product Documents

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Popular Questions

Are they durable?

Yes. Don’t be fooled by the thin frame. They’re designed to take the weight of the safety glass and being made from aluminium they aren’t prone to decay.

Are they easy to operate?

With our modern locking and rail systems, your bifold doors glide open or close effortlessly.

Are they expensive?

Not necessarily. We are very competitive on all of our pricing. Call us for a free quote.